70,000 SQ FT of Timeless Quality

Adamstown, PA’s Premier Antiques Mall
Acquires New Ownership

We are excited to announce that the land and buildings that have housed Stoudts for the last 50+ years are now in the very capable hands of the IronSpire Complex.

Your Sunday destination for antiques, food, and great beer is still here, just under different ownership.

Stoudts Black Angus Antiques is now Angus Antiques.

Please join us in welcoming the IronSpire Complex to Adamstown!
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Frequently asked questions:

  • Yes, the new owners plan to maintain (and improve) the complex.
  • Yes, Carol and Ed are retiring to Vermont, selling their house, and auctioning their incredible antique collection.
  • No, this is not the end of Stoudts, it’s just the end of our physical location in Adamstown.

Antiques make perfect gifts

Timeless quality, mindful pieces to pass down through generations.