Flagship Beers


Stoudts Pils

Pils is reflective of a traditional German-style Pilsener. It is delicately dry with a firm bitterness. Brilliant straw color with medium body, and noble hop aroma. A terrific thirst quencher. An excellent aperitif.

5.4% ABV
40 IBUs

Gold Lager

Stoudts Gold Lager

This golden colored smooth bodied Munich-style Helles is brewed with a 2 row base malt and 3 types of aroma specialty malts. A quaffable lager, with a subtle balance of sweet malt and clean crisp hops.

4.7% ABV
25 IBUs

American Pale Ale

Stoudts American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale, “the original hoppy session ale,” with a crisp, medium body and light amber color. Generous kettle & dry hop additions of Cascade hops provide a refreshing bitterness and vibrant citrus aroma.

5.1% ABV
40 IBUs

Scarlet Lady Ale

Stoudts Scarlet Lady Ale

An English-style ale brewed with Marris Otter and Caramel malts, creating a rich, reddish-copper color and smooth malty palate. The additions of bittering and aroma hops balances the regal, sweet maltiness and imparts a softly perfumed aroma.

4.8% ABV
32 IBUs

Fourplay IPA

Stoudts Fourplay IPA

Our Fourplay IPA started as a four part single hop series and featured the same malt recipe in each providing a full bodied malt backbone to compliment the abundance of a hop flavor. This new year-round version uses the same base recipe, but two hop varieties instead of one resulting in a citrusy, hoppy & resinous IPA accented with orange, coconut & chocolate notes in the finish.

6% ABV
60 IBUs


Karnival Kolsch

Stoudts Karnival Kolsch

A refreshing German-style ale brewed using 2-row malt, a small amount of red wheat malt and German hops for bittering and aroma. This straw colored ale is smooth like a lager due to the colder fermentation temp and extended cellaring time. Dry and crisp with a subtle fruitiness which complements the mild hop bitterness and aroma. Available late January /early February.

4.8% ABV
22 IBUs

Blonde Double Maibock

Stoudts Blonde Double Maibock (all)

Our classic German style Helles bock, it is a rich & full-bodied lager with a deep golden-blonde color. Brewed with the finest 2-row barley & a subtle amount of noble hops, gives it the perfect balance of malty sweetness & hop character.

7% ABV


Stoudts Heifer in Wheat

This Bavarian-style unfiltered wheat beer (Hefeweizen) is brewed with 50% malted barley and 50% malted wheat. Our proprietary blend of German wheat yeast strains imparts a flavor and aroma reminiscent of bananas and cloves

5% ABV
12 IBUs


Stoudts Oktoberfest

This medium-bodied amber colored lager elegantly combines a touch of malty sweetness with a subtle aromatic hop character. A traditional German-style Oktoberfest, this beer is brewed with the finest imported ingredients.

4.5% ABV
24 IBUs

Big Beers

Double IPA

Stoudts Double IPA

This strong and full-bodied ale is layered with intense hop characteristics & a deep golden color. Multiple kettle hop additions & generous dry hopping contribute to the powerful bittering & fragrant hop character of this beer.

10% ABV
90 IBUs

Abbey Triple

Stoudts Triple

Strong, full-bodied Belgian Abbey-style ale. The authentic Belgian yeast strain used in fermentation contributes to a rich array of spicy, phenolic, and fruit-like flavors, as well as a a noticeable alcoholic warmth.

9% ABV
37 IBUs

Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Stoudts Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout

A unique ale merging the smooth and complex richness of an Oatmeal Stout with the assertive hoppiness of an Imperial Stout. Silky black in color, this ale has a prominent roasted malt character accompanied by a chocolate & coffee-like finish.

9% ABV
55 IBUs

Specialty Beers

Smooth Hoperator

Stoudts Smooth Hoperator

This full bodied, copper colored strong lager is in a class all by itself. It has a rich malty palate up front, which is abruptly overshadowed by the dominating hop presence which is attributed to the 1.5#/bbl. of hops added for aroma and flavor. Available twice a year in October and April.

7% ABV
50 IBUs

Collaboration Beers

Believer Double Bock

Stoudts Believer Double Bock (all)

A unique collaboration celebrating the 30th anniversaries of Pennsylvania’s Stoudts Brewing Company and the band Believer.

This limited release Double Bock Beer, aged in port and red wine barrels, blends coffee & dark chocolate malt flavors with hints of caramel and dark fruits for a taste experience that exemplifies the art of brewing beer and making music.

6.8% ABV
20 IBUs

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